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Professional Watercolor Portraits

Master Darío Vargas

“The portrait is the artistic representation of a person or pet, in which their face and what it conveys is the most important thing. Watercolor is the noblest technique of the arts. Portraying in watercolor excites me.”

Dario Vargas


University jorge tadeo lozano.
Degree thesis “Opposites”, recognized as the Best Work of the Year and winner of the Jorge Tadeo Lozano Award recognition for his high grades throughout his career.
Acrylic Painting, Master Santacruz’s Workshop.


He has participated in several group exhibitions in Colombia and other countries around the world. Seeks to represent Colombia, with an individual exhibition, in the coming years


“Evangelization”, made on a school mural in the center of Bogotá.
“Virgen del canasto”, made for the Salesiano School of León XIII, Bogotá, Colombia.
“Concepción”, a circular work of 2 meters in diameter in Mosquera’s house


1999 – First Acquisition Prize for the best thesis of the year, Jorge Tadeo Lozano University.
2000 – Jorge Tadeo Lozano Award.

After his recognition as a master of fine arts, he dedicated his time to creating a business. Co-Founder Director Concept Design SAS, where he offers, among other things, Web design services, Hosting, domain registration and licensing in Google Workspace. This path complemented his potential talent and although with good results and the company was active, he was always present to give his time to the visual arts, for personal gratification and for those who observe his work or who observes himself in his work.

In December 2023, after several years of artistic inactivity, with the blessing of the child god, his wife and son, unconditionally motivated him to resume his path in the production of original work, and that is when, without neglecting the path he has taken, he acquires materials noble as watercolors and brushes.

Since the beginning of 2024, he has created the enterprise “Professional Watercolor Portrait by Vargas”, which simply seeks to have an excuse to dedicate himself to making his “drawings” for his friends and family, friends of family, family of friends, friends of friends (…) reaching every person who can see themselves in their work and click. Maybe you can be watercolorized!

niña, 12x18cms (4.9x7"), Acuarela Lukas sobre papel BAOHONG Rough
12x18cms (4.9x7"), Acuarela Lukas sobre papel BAOHONG Rough