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Professional Watercolor Portraits

I want a portrait!

“The portrait is the artistic representation of a person or pet, in which their face and what it conveys is the most important thing. Watercolor is the noblest technique of the arts. Portraying in watercolor excites me.”

Dario Vargas

Hello, although the master Darío Vargas is the one who will make your portrait, you manage all the logistics and the relationship with his manager and beautiful wife Jaqueline, who will accompany you in the process until you receive your work of art in your hands.

1. Select the photo

To have your portrait made, select and send us a photo.

Recommendations for the image:
Try to choose one where the essence of the person or pet stands out.
Include, if you want, objects that represent it. For example, way of dressing, accessories, frequently used objects.
Choose photos with good lighting, where the face is well defined, with good color and contrast.

2. Choose your preferred size

We currently handle the following sizes and prices:

A person or pet:

12.5×18 cms (7×4.9 in) $360,000 pesos $180,000 pesos
23×31 cms (9×12 in) $480,000 pesos $240,000 pesos
30×40 cms (12×16 in) $720,000 pesos $360,000 pesos

Two people (couples):
2 portraits in the same frame. 2 pets, or person with their pet:

23×31 cms (9×12 in) $680,000 pesos $340,000 pesos
30×40 cms (12×16 in) $920,000 pesos $460,000 pesos

Three people:
3 portraits in the same frame, whether people or pets:

30×40 cms (12×16 in) $1,120,000 pesos $560,000 pesos

3. Place your order

Place your order by sending us the photo, dimensions and number of portraits to be made, either by WhatsApp or by email darioarte@gmail.com

Or you can also fill out the following request form for your order:

Once the material is received, we coordinate payment methods and that’s it, we will get to work. How exciting!

Finally, we will coordinate the delivery or shipping of your portrait.

If you are in Bogotá, Colombia you can buy us a coffee for delivery, but if you are further away, no matter where in the world you are, we can send it to you, keep in mind that you must pay the shipping cost.

If you have any questions about the process, or want to ask us something, you can gladly send us a WhatsApp, and we will get in touch.

niña, 30x40cms (12x16"), Acuarela Lukas sobre papel Fluid100 CP
30x40cms (12x16"), Acuarela Lukas sobre papel Fluid100 CP
Benjy, 12x18cms (4.9x7"), Acuarela Lukas sobre papel BAOHONG HP
12x18cms (4.9x7"), Acuarela Lukas sobre papel BAOHONG HP